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At present, our legislators draw their own districts, shifting lines to their own advantage and that of their party. We advocate a non-partisan approach to redistricting reform. We want district lines drawn by an independent citizens commission and we want criteria that do not include protecting the interests of incumbents or parties. 22 other states have already shifted to an independent commission. We must convince our SC legislators that their voters care about this issue enough that they must respond to our call for reform. We need:
1. Awarness
2. Acceptance
3. Action from the public Bills have been introduced, but will go nowhere without public support.

Ready to learn more about redistricting? Please view this slick 5-minute presentation by our Charleston LWV:

Ethics in South Carolina State Government

Ethics laws and regulations are intended to be the traffic signals at the intersection of money, information, and power in our government.

~Campaign finance
~Personal financial disclosure
~Freedom of information

Judicial Initiative in Horry County

Safeguarding Democracy: Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary

A public forum on ensuring a diverse and impartial judiciary was held May 16, 2011 at Coastal Carolina University, Wall Auditorium, from 4 to 6pm.
Keynote Speaker - Justice Kaye Hearn, SC Supreme Court.
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Partners in "Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary"

American Association for University Women
Charleston School of Law
Association of Retired Americans
Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina
Coastal Carolina University
Coastal Carolina University Women's Resource Center
Horry County Public Library
Horry County Education Association + Retired
League of Women Voters of South Carolina
League of Women Voters of Georgetown
League of Women Voters of Darlington